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Over 90 per cent of the conferences and meetings we facilitate take place in hotels. This tends to be for two main reasons; firstly, if the group size is large then few companies can accommodate the event in-house, secondly, if the topic being discussed is particularly sensitive or high risk then off site allows greater privacy and focus.

The big benefit of using a hotel for an event is that they it can offer the space, accommodation, catering (and sometimes leisure facilities) all under one roof. If you choose one of the large hotel chains then you should also be able to expect a degree of consistency between different locations. On the other hand, if you prefer your event space to have more character or variety in different towns then independent hotels may be a better option.
Last year we ran an event in a city centre hotel on the west coast of America. The setting was not the most sophisticated or glamorous that we have experienced, but despite this, the event stands out as one of the best, by far, that we have run in a hotel.
Our contact at the hotel was truly amazing. Despite many last minute changes to timings and room layouts the conference organiser was positive and accommodating throughout. The catering was also outstanding. Eating fresh and healthy food at the event helped maintain good levels of concentration and energy.

When I view hotel space for an event I’m looking for a venue that offers flexibility, excellent attention to detail and a conference organiser who can build a good rapport with myself or our client. If we can confidently tick these boxes then we have the framework for an excellent event.
– Katherine Woods, Founder of meeting facilitation company, Meeting Magic, works with clients to design the flow of conversations that take place at conferences.